Summer favourites

Good day!

I thought I would attempt to blog about something different today, as I want to be an eclectic blog. So this one will be about some of my beauty favourites which I have purchased/ what I think are perfect for summer. I realise it is August now, so summer is soon to be over (if you live in Britain, then it is essentially Autumn here now), but I will share anyway!

The first products are body lotions!


These are from the company Cowshed. I received the smaller of the two, entitled ‘gorgeous cow’ in my June Birchbox and fell in love. The scent is a combination of Madagascan ylang ylang, French lavender and Moroccan rose (how exotic!). Admittedly, when I had my first whiff of this product, I believed it to be unusual, not exactly to my taste. But I decided to give it a shot anyway because you only live once!

I now cannot get enough of the scent! It became my favourite thing to apply directly to my skin cells after a shower. The smell lingers around on you for hours and it is just marvellous.

Oh, and the texture! It is quite a thick lotion, so requires some workout on your hands to evenly rub it into your skin, but it made my skin so smooth. As a bonus, my skin feels moisturised for hours! You know when you put on a lotion or something and your skin feels great and smooth for about 4.5 minutes. Then as soon as it’s absorbed in the skin, you’re such a forgetful person that you question whether you applied your lotion or not, as there is no trace that it ever existed on your skin in the first place? Then you’re left questioning your life choices and that’s not the frame of mind you want to be in.

Well that’s not the case with this lotion! It’s the only lotion/moisturiser I’ve used which didn’t disappear straight away. So I saved up my Birchbox points (you get points from referring people, reviewing items etc) and decided to buy one of these bad boys.

Oh, but a dilemma arose. There was more than one scent with these lotions. Do I stick with ‘gorgeous cow’, which I knew I adored, or there was ‘knackered cow’, ‘wild cow’, ‘moody cow’ even a ‘horny cow’.

Can I just add that these are all brilliant names.

Anyway, I decided on ‘moody cow’, which is the larger product in the picture. This is supposed to help ‘balance’ the skin, with a blend of shea and cocoa butters to aid in toning and moisturising. The scent is a combination of rose geranium, linden blossom and frankincense. Not going to lie, I had no idea what the first two named scents were, and I had only heard of frankincense in relation to the nativity and baby Jesus, so I didn’t know what to expect!

When I first smelt it, again I wasn’t keen on it, the smell being a little… spicy is the best word I can come up with. I thought I wasted my Birchbox points on something I did not like. Do you realise how disappointing that is?!

However, again, after applying it, I fell in love with the smell and everything is alright with the world!

I think these should be re-named ‘Give me a chance’ lotions, or perhaps I just have a weird nose!

One of the best feelings is when you’ve just shaved your legs, you apply this lotion and then put on a pretty dress or something that shows off them amazing legs on those warm summer days. Just try to resist telling strangers to feel how great your legs feel (unless you’re into that).

Price for ‘gorgeous cow’ (on Birchbox’s online store): £20

Price for ‘moody cow’: £18

The next item we will be discussing is a lipstick!

2015-07-11 17.15.22

Before I talk about this, can we all just admire my photography skills here. Doesn’t it look so profesh?

Anyway, yes this is the extremely popular makeup brand MAC, which is famous for it’s lipsticks. This is my first ever purchase of a MAC lipstick and I think of course I just had to go for a classic red look.

This colour is called ‘Ruby Woo’ and it is a very matte, very very classic red. I am obsessed with red lipstick at the moment, I even wore this lipstick to my graduation (see Graduation and puppy!).

I think that for the summer, a bold lipstick is essential (for lack of a better word. Air is essential, red lipstick… not so much). I just think that, even if you’re dressed down in shorts and a vest top as it is too hot to wear anything fancier, you can apply some red lipstick and just instantaneously feel better about everything. You might have your hair messy and put up because hair on your neck in the heat is just… no. Your eyebrows, and the rest of your makeup may be gradually sliding off with the sweat, but its okay because you have your lipstick which doesn’t budge. That’s the power of red lipstick!

I say that it doesn’t budge, but I found that when eating and drinking, some product does come off, and then you’re eating some red lipstick prints on your sandwiches which is slightly off-putting.

Another down side is if you make a mistake and apply it slightly outside your lips, you cant just simply use your finger to wipe off that mistake because it smudges around like a bitch! You usually have to get yourself a wipe and just… just start again until it’s perfect!

But when it’s perfect, oh man don’t it look good.

2015-07-12 11.04.31

Here is me wearing the lipstick and being too model for you to handle. I think that being very shy and socially inadequate, having a bold lip colour give off the appearance of confidence and is brave to wear in it’s own right.

MAC lipstick in ‘Ruby Woo’ (from Debenhams) : £15.50

The final of my summer favourites is a concealer product.

DSC_0519This is Boi-ing from Benefit cosmetics, which is my favourite makeup brand.

I actually kinda got tricked into buying this. I went into Debenhams to have a browse around, and I headed over to the Benefit counter because why would I not? One of the girls working there came over to me and asked if she could help, and I said I was just looking for concealers (as I get an infestation of spots on my chin constantly). The girl said she had the product just for me, sat me down and applied Boi-ing to my face. I said I was impressed with the results (no lie), and she handed me an unopened product of this concealer and took me to the counter to pay. Me, being too polite to say I would think about it and continue looking, went ahead and paid for the product.

Although I was not 100% set on buying this product, I don’t have any regrets because it is so good! I apply it on days where I have spots, which is a frequent occurrence in the summer time. I also apply the concealer to the under eyes by  rubbing the product in between my fingers to warm it up so it glides on smoother.

Overall, this industrial strength concealer has been a life saver this summer since the humidity cause our faces to be prone to more greasiness and consequentially more spots.

Benefit’s ‘Boi-ing’ (from Debenhams): £17.50

I realise that these products are a little pricey, especially those of you who have a tight budget. Hell, I’m just graduated, I have a tight budget! But I have a weakness for makeup and lotions and stuff.

Perhaps I will do another makeup/beauty blog post with a combination of high-end and cheaper products next time