I finished unpacking all my stuff I brought back from uni.

I had a massive clear out of things I don’t use and reorganised everything. I still maybe need to buy some storage containers, but overall my room now looks ready to live in.

Myself and my family moved into our new house a couple of summers ago. It’s a brand new house, pretty much on the canal footpath, with amazing views of the sunsets on summer evenings. However, because we moved in between my first and second year of uni, I had not really moved in properly. Some of my stuff was in my new house, a lot was at uni.

I feel like I’ve been moving around a lot. Which I do not mind at all. I’ve lived in a different place each year of uni, but never really felt like anywhere was my proper home. Until today, when I finally unpacked the last of my bags and I feel like I have properly moved in now. I can settle down, for a while at least!