My love affair with pasta

I wish to talk to you today about my love for something close to my heart,


I cannot explain how my infatuation came into being.

I cannot convey why I prefer pasta and not resembling products such as noodles.

They’re not the same.

Always thinking of pasta. Pasta filling all my dreams. When I read words, all I see are pasta letters.

I love the many different varieties of pasta. From the simple penne to the elegant linguine, from the farfalle to the conchiglie. They are all so dear to me.

But, of course one does not simply have pasta in isolation. That would be absurd.

The possibilities with pasta and what accompanies them in the pot, now that is really limitless.

Think ricotta, mushrooms, tomatoes. Asparagus, garlic and spinach. Perhaps you could try the sweetest of strawberries or the ripest of mango. You could even try chocolate. No one will stop you living out your dream.

Lest not forget the sauce.

The creamiest of cheese sauces for one’s macaroni. The classic marinara with basil is delightful. Roasted garlic and pepper, carbonara and pesto. You may even consider chocolate sauce…

(I also like chocolate.)

Mix them up and unite cheese with pesto for something which I guarantee is exquisite.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Pesto and cheese sauce with spinach. Get inside me.

I live for pasta. I thrive on pasta. By the casket-full I would consume it. Every day, for every meal.

The primary reason I am visiting Rome in the summer is to sample authentic Italian pasta. My mouth hungers for all the flavours, it cannot come soon enough. When I return, I shall be euphoric and filled with new ideas for pasta opportunities.

If only I could swim amongst the pasta shapes, dive in the marinara, surf on the fettuccine, feeling at last content… albeit sticky.

I love pasta.


I haven’t posted in over 9 months. I’ve had plenty of ideas for blog posts which are currently in process. And then I decide to hurl this post at you because I ate pasta twice today…

You’re welcome.